4YEO has published on its website a text which consists in a total of 285 groups of 5 words and one group of three words, which will be called "THE SECRET MESSAGE". The bidding terms of this contest and THE SECRET MESSAGE are in a closed and sealed envelope and have been deposited faced with the honourable public notary Mrs. Francisca Aloy Martorell. Even the public notary doesn't know the exact contents of the envelope. No employee of 4YE0 know the resolution of the ciphertext.

To take part in the contest, you have to Check in on the web at least one month before the deadline set on April 30, 2016. To do the Check in does not imply any obligation, but just the people who have been previously registered may be able to recieve the award; This qualify you to send up 3 resolutions for the 4YEO contest throughout the period, 4YEO will answer if decryption is correct or not.


The winner will be the individual who has succeeded to crack the code, revealing the content of the message (the phrase must match the phrase that is deposited on the envelope notarized). It should also explain the method that was used to encrypt the original text of the secret message. If the text that has the "secret message" is not identical to that contained in the envelope notarized, or the contestant is unable to explain the method that was used to encrypt it, he will not be the winner.


The competition starts at 00.00 on September 1, 2015 and lasts until 00.00 on April 30, 2016.In the event that there is more than one winner, the winner will be the one who has emailed the correct answer first. Contestants also achieve decipher it and explain how encrypted, remain in reserve, in case the first contestant gather together one of the two requirements to be declared the winner.


They may not participate in the contest to decrypt the "secret message" employees of the company as well as employees of any of the group companies that owns it, or any of their relatives of them in any grade, nor any employee of the companies providing services or products that work with the company 4YEO, or which are working with the company on any matter related to the code or relatives in any grade.


The texts received as decoded message will be stored in sealed envelopes, which will be submitted to Notary Mr. FRANCISCA ALOY MARTORELL, who will open the sealed envelope containing the solution, on May 11th, 2016, publishing the name of the winner, on May 12th, 2016 on the 4YE0 website. If none of the messages coincide with the original text, the notary proved by a certificate indicating the number of proposals received, and the fact that nobody has been able to solve it.


In order to ensure absolute transparency, the winner must accept that it will be published his name on the company’s website.


The payment of the award will take place on May 25th, 2016, after verifying that the winner has been able to explain in detail (showing as has been done) how the message was encrypted.

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